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Re: More sources on 2nd biggest sauropod

I was at the Penn/Cosmos Press conf. today and yet another site is Cosmos',
which put together a montage of photos of the discovery and the link is:
try also:  www.abcnews.com
An A&E representative said that the two-part film "The Lost Dinosaurs of
Egypt" has been sold to the A&E network for airing in early 2002.
    Most of this news will be aired and published in the next day or so.
  Enjoy the news!

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> << Good work, Josh, and I'm waiting to hear more from that site. >>
> This is a wonderful find! I'll add Paralititan to the DGL Tuesday, when my
> copy of Science arrives. Could add it earlier if someone can provide names
> all authors of the article. It'll be name #905.