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Spinosaur Dentition (was RE: Spinosaur crests & sails)

<>Is there any possibility that the differences between *Spinosaurus
aegypticus* and *S. moroccanus* represent sexual dimorphism?<>

Rob Gay wrote:
>>>Uh oh, someone mentioned sexual dimorphism, so of course I have to
My thoughts on this, and the validity of these species:
Based on nothing more than my gut intuition, my conversations with HP
Mendez, and the descriptions and illustrations I've seen, I would lean
towards sexual dimorphism. <<

Ahh, sexual dimorphism is a good thing to discuss. There is one problem
with this, we need more spinosaur material. SO until more specimens are
described and more are found?we need to look at available material. 

>>>Mainly, you can't claim that _Spinosaurus moroccanus_ is different
than _S. aegypticus_, based on teeth, because we don't know what the
full range of teeth was like in _Spinosaurus_ in
the first place. Until we know the degree to which there may have been
heterodonty expressed in _Spinosaurus_, we can't say that one is different
than the other due to dentition differences. I do have more to say on
this, but I'm about to go out into the field for today. <<<

I definitely agree. Teeth in many theropods vary on thee position of
the jaws. I cant recall any species right now, I know that teeth do differ
whether its lower or upper jaws. I have seen spinsaur teeth, and they
vary. The number of serrations vary on teeth a lot. The shape varies
too. Suchomimus is known for having many teeth, all are of different
sizes. I would think that teeth have different curves, some may curve
a lot and some may be straight. 

On another note, this morning I was running in the park (by the school).
Not to bragg or anything, but as I pulled in for first place (it wasn?t
a race, but it sure felt like one). Anyway, as I finished the long run,
I glanced up and saw the coolest thing ever! From 500yds away, I saw
the billboard for Jurassic Park 3. It was the spinosaur (the metallic
one) with a shoaw over it, a shadow of a pterosaur!! That is cool! Anyone
know what pterosaur that is? Any ideas? 

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