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A Giant Sauropod Dinosaur from an Upper Cretaceous
Mangrove Deposit in Egypt

Joshua B. Smith,1* Matthew C. Lamanna,1 Kenneth J. Lacovara,2 Peter Dodson,13 Jennifer R. Smith,1 Jason C. Poole,4 Robert Giegengack,1 Yousry Attia5

Just saw the paper: It is a quite fragmentary material:
Nearly complete right humerus, fragment of a left humerus and several vertebra. Both left and right scapula are preserved. A
well-developed tabular process projects from the caudoventral margin of the scapula that is supposed to be like a scapula refered to Brachiosaurus- but is it there in B.altithorax?

Several vertebral and humeral synapomorphies including a proximolateral process on the humerus support the candidacy to the titanosaurid clade. But is the proximolateral process universal in the titanosaurs?

Looks like an overgrown Malawisaurus, could it be more closely related to it?? One of the most vertebrates described as of present!

Unfortunately a comparison with the other titanosaur Aegyptosaurus from the same horizon is not satisfactorily covered in this paper. But they state that there are sufficient differences to rule out synonymy. Any how the authors cannot be blamed for there is nothing of Aegyptosaurus surviving.


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