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Re: Spinosaur Dentition (was RE: Spinosaur crests & sails)

Marco Mendez wrote:

> On another note, this morning I was running in the park (by the school).
> Not to bragg or anything, but as I pulled in for first place (it wasn?t
> a race, but it sure felt like one). Anyway, as I finished the long run,
> I glanced up and saw the coolest thing ever! From 500yds away, I saw
> the billboard for Jurassic Park 3. It was the spinosaur (the metallic
> one) with a shoaw over it, a shadow of a pterosaur!! That is cool! Anyone
> know what pterosaur that is? Any ideas?

Pteranodon longiceps -- http://www.pterosaurs.net/Pteranodon.html