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Re: Paralititan

In a message dated 5/31/01 5:51:56 PM EST, eamalitz@hotmail.com writes:

<< Unfortunately a comparison with the other titanosaur Aegyptosaurus from 
 same horizon is not satisfactorily covered in this paper. But they state 
 that there are sufficient differences to rule out synonymy. Any how the 
 authors cannot be blamed for there is nothing of Aegyptosaurus surviving. >>

I recall that in Stromer's Aegyptosaurus he also noted the existence of a 
distinct much larger sauropod, of which he had insufficient material to 
propose a new taxon. Paralititan might be it.

<<Joshua B. Smith,1* Matthew C. Lamanna,1 Kenneth J. Lacovara,2 Peter 
Dodson,13 Jennifer R. Smith,1 Jason C. Poole,4 Robert Giegengack,1 Yousry 

Thanks for the author list, too!