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Response I

     Concerning the claim that K-T iridium can only be of ET origin: The
Pacific Ocean, and the moon, were formed when a Mars-sized body impacted into
Earth and sank deep into its core.  Inasmuch as the amount of iridium it
contained would've been considerable (!) and other events of this kind may
have occurred, is it really possible to distinguish between "Earthly" and
"ET" iridium?  Perhaps iridium from such a huge impactor, after sinking into
Earth, was regurgitated by K-T volcanoes.  As for the other K-T impact
evidence: A TREMENDOUS number of impacts occurred 4 Ga or earlier, producing
a tremendous amount of microtektites, etc., most of which wound up deep
beneath the surface as Earth became larger from material from more impacts...
 It certainly seems possible that volcanic eruptions could've spewed out
impact debris from the distant past, giving the false impression of an impact
at the time of eruption e.g. at K-T time.  Have these possibilities been
taken into consideration?
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