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RE: ...My Barbaric YAWP... (was Citipati & ...)

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Subject: ...My Barbaric YAWP... (was Citipati & ...)

>Waylon Rowley wrote:

Ulp! Somebody spilled the beans!

Home grown geology (i.e. recurrent renal lithiasis a.k.a. kidney stones)
had delayed my sitting down and doing a bunch of typing so I could sound
my YAWP "over the roofs of the world" and tell the Dinosaur Mailing List
about my new site. I am also awaiting my ISP's decision if my additional
web space will all have the same address or if the url will have to be
changed. Large printable photos that will fit well on a standard 8 1/2 x
11 inch (216x279mm) sheet of paper will be added soon, then.

It is my intention to add a bunch of text to each page yet, more
backgrounds, as well as life cycles for the parasites, and lots more
stamps. And not least - fish stories!  All comments, suggestions, slings
and arrows, eargerly awaited. 8-) Be sure and hit the buttons on the
bottom to visit each section.

I tried to have a diverse mix of fossils in the initial set up so no-one
would be disappointed. All sorts of photos yet to come.

I hope everyone enjoys!

Oh! Thanks Waylon, probably the push I needed to get these fingers
moving. I'll watch the counters climb.

Now, back to reading all those e-mails....<<

Did you take the pictures from the AMNH yourself? Is it ok to post photo's
of specimens from a museum without asking if it's ok? Or did you ask? I'm
just asking because I will soon (within a month I hope) have my own web site
up and would also like to put in photo's from museums.

I just need to know.

Tracy L. Ford
P. O. Box 1171
Poway Ca  92074