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Re: largest dinosaur (skulls)

Jaime A. Headden wrote:

> The longest theropod skull probably belongs to
> Spinosaurus maroccanus, 
> >ref., Taquet and Russell, 1998, at around 6.5--7ft.
> (2.13--2.30m) and may 
> pertain to an animal over 45ft. long, but this is
> shear extrapolation based on Spinosaurus. 

You also have carcharodontosaurines with skulls that
probably exceeded 6 feet. There is that dentary
assigned to _Giganotosaurus_ and the new carch that'll
be described (?) next year. Maybe it will push the
limits. And when we say "largest theropod skull" do we
mean length or volume? T. rex might win in that
category, yes?

Waylon Rowley


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