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RE: Dino placements...

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> I am reworking my website. And with some newer information. I am wondering
> were is _Microvenator celer_ fits in. clade or
> family(preferabally).

_Microvenator_ is an oviraptorosaur, but its relationship to Oviraptoridae
and/or Caenagnathidae is uncertain.  It might lie outside the
Oviraptoridae-Caenagnathidae clade, or it might be inside it.

>  Also
> _Camaraursaurus_ I looked at Serenos cladogram and well, are they in
> Brachiosauridae or Diplodocidae? or do they have their own special spot?

_Camarasaurus_ is not in EITHER Brachiosauridae or Diplodocidae.  It is,
however, in Macronaria (a group that also contains Brachiosauridae and
Titanosauria, but does not contain Diplodocidae.)

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