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dinos in Mexico?

A couple queries that have come up in my research into fossil folklore in Mexico:

Pterosaur fossils were found in the Huizachal Canyon in Mexico. Can someone tell me where that is?

Are there any other localities where pterodactyl fossils have been found in Mexico? (or near Panama?)

I've read that there is an early Jurassic deposit in the Sierra Madre Oriental and that there are early Cretaceous deposits in central Mexico. Can anyone help me locate these in terms of valleys or modern towns? What I'm trying to figure out is whether dinosaur and flying reptile fossils from these and similar deposits might have been observed by the Aztecs and other groups. The Spanish recorded stories about "giant bones" from the Aztecs and the Tlasacalans in the mountains east of Mex. City.

The Spanish also recorded an Aztec account of finding the "hand prints" and "buttocks-prints" of the feathered serpent god in rock near Mexico City. I'm wondering if these could have been dinosaur tracks and/or impressions. Is that possible near Mexico City, or would they be Pleistocene tracks?

Does anyone know of any local folklore associated today with flying reptile remains, in Huizachal Canyon, or any other localities?

Many thanks in advance
Adrienne Mayor