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Re: walking with beasts fact files

Thats not a peeve!

from the lip-service to marsupials in the family tree at
http://www.bbc.co.uk/beasts/familytree/ :

"In the Late Jurassic, Australia split away from the rest of Gondwanaland,
and took with it its own collection of dinosaurs and marsupial mammals."

There, THATS a peeve!


>While we're venting our peeves, I must say I am much bothered by the
>implication in the phylogram that there was some sort of unified "ape"
>lineage after the "hominids" branched off.  Maybe by "apes" they meant
>"gibbons" (which do account for the majority of living ape species)?  In
>that case, the "ape" and "hominid" lineages should have split way before
>the Pliocene.
>--Nick P.