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RE: dinos in Mexico?

Adrienne Mayor wrote:
Pterosaur fossils were found in the Huizachal Canyon in Mexico. Can someone
tell me where that is?


Believe it or not, I've been researching the exact same locality (or trying
to). Anyway, there's noot much out there yet, but from (Clark & Hopson,
1985) on the type locality of the tritylodont _Bocatherium mexicanum_:

"Approximately the middle of the 400-m-thick La Boca Formation in Huizachal
Canyon near the towns of Huizachal, Anacahuita, and La Joya, 15 km
south-west of Ciudad Victoria, Tamaulipas State, Mexico."

I hope that is specific enough. :)

Mike de Sosa
UC Berkeley

PS - If you need more, try emailing Jim Clark at George Washington