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I apologize for posting this image to the list, but its very small so i don't think it will hurt much.

I found this a while ago on the web somewhere and I don't remember where i found it. Its an awesome mount I've never seen a Triceratops mount this good before. It has the ribs sloping forward (Is there an anatomical term for this? or at least a beter way to word it?) like in the Canadian Museum of Nature Anchiceratops and That Black hills "articulated" Triceratops (Raymond i think ?) The forelimbs also appear to be in the correct position, slightly splayed at the elbows.  Any ways, I was hoping some one on the list has seen this mount, and could tell me more about it, or send me some larger pictures of it.

Thanks in advance

-Chris Collinson

I believe this is a mount at the museum in Thermopolis Wyoming.

Tracy L. Ford

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