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Re: Some thoughts on AVES (& gaps)

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Sent: Friday, November 02, 2001 1:47 PM
Subject: Re: Some thoughts on AVES (& gaps)

>> In a message dated Fri, 2 Nov 2001  2:23:06 PM Eastern Standard Time,
"Ken Kinman" <kinman@hotmail.com> writes:
> > we might as well get some
> > advantage out of that "lack of information".
> Indeed, if we knew the actual, individual-by-individual ancestry of
everything that ever lived on earth, our classification scheme, >even at the
species level, would utterly collapse, and the only workable units would be
the individuals themselves (which if you >think about it, is the way it
really is anyway).<<

In the emails I sent earlier today, I wrote that, yes, the gaps are
"helpful" (if you are trying to exploit them) in the fossil record, but the
system falls apart with extant organisms.  I won't bother repeating the
entire email.

-Demetrios Vital