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Re: Some thoughts on AVES (& gaps)

In a message dated Fri, 2 Nov 2001  3:04:53 PM Eastern Standard Time, 
"Demetrios M Vital" <vita0015@umn.edu> writes:

> In the emails I sent earlier today, I wrote that, yes, the gaps are
> "helpful" (if you are trying to exploit them) in the fossil record, but the
> system falls apart with extant organisms.  I won't bother repeating the
> entire email.

Ah, I see.  But there *are* gaps--and helpful ones, too--when dealing with 
extant organisms:  not every individual organism alive will ever be submitted 
to scientific phylogenetic study, just as not every organism that ever lived in 
the past is available as a fossil.

--Nick P.