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RE: Syntarsus feathers

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Well, despite some of the drawings I have done in the past for fun, I think
the reality is that _Coelophysis_ and its relatives didn't have feathers. By
use of inference and phylogenetic bracketing, we can look at _Herrerasaurus_
(which has t-shaped neural arches, often associated with the support of
dermal ossicles), _Ceratosaurus_, and _Carnotaurus_, which both have scutes,
and say that other ceratosaurs probably had scutes, and lacked feathers
(though, admitadly, the two are not mutually exclusive). <<

I wouldn't call the bony 'scutes' of Ceratosaurus or Carnotaurus as being
scutes. In Ceratosaurus they have no decerniable structure (I've seen the
type and the big ones scutes and there is no rime or reason to them other
than being longer than wide. Carnotaurus seams more structured. I'd love to
study it.

For the sake of argument, I think a new term should be coined for the
theropod 'scutes'. After all, we don't want any large theropod with
ankylosaur scutes (like the old Turok comic, which is one of the ones I
loved when I was a kid).

Something for me to look into?

>>There are also
apparently little, paper-thin round "scutes" that occasionally appear in
Ghost Ranch blocks...

I'll have to look into those. Sounds very interesting.

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