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Re: "veloci-vulture"

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Subject: RE: "veloci-vulture"

LOL: http://www.seismosaur.com/Case16.html

A _Velociraptor_ painted like a vulture!

As we speak about feathers...     Friendly - LJB.


That is one of the WORST illustrations I’ve seen of Velociraptor.

Wait a minute -- it isn't of Velociraptor but of Bambiraptor ("I based this drawing of a raptor on Bambyraptor from the Jones site"), even though the skull above certainly is of Velociraptor mongoliensis. It's somehow strange that there are actually illustrations of it that are _too_ birdlike... The arms are probably too long, the metatarsi are far too long and thin, and for sitting in such a position it would need long, opposed halluces that it didn't have -- in the painting it has _none at all_. To get wherever it is sitting it must have flown. The author whose name I can't find anywhere is certain that Bambiraptor was able to fly; while I'm much less sure on this, even then fingers I and II should be visible as in Archaeopteryx and Confuciusornis.

I’ve volunteered to write a chapter in an up and coming SVP book about internet sites.

A very good idea. Good luck!!!

This is a good candidate for who you can’t trust everything you see or read on the internet. Deinonychus hunted in packs of 50 to 100! Where the %$##% did that come from?

That's terribly simple -- the author speculates on very little, er, evidence and then builds matter-of-fact statements on this: "Some of them probably hunted in packs, and some of those packs were huge. I estimate that Deinonychus, from Montana, may have hunted in packs of 50 to 200 animals. I don’t believe that they hunted as a coordinated pack. [...] How many 100 kilogram Deinonychi [sic] could have fed on a 1,000 kilogram Tenontosaurus? How big would a pack have to be to be able to afford losing one or two members at a kill?"


Is there any country where the scientific method has a fixed place in compulsory lessons in school?



5. Thou shalt purify every  E N Z Y M E  according to the scripts of the  J B C.  Thou shalt obey every jot and tittle of these directions save one. Thou shalt not discard the  P R E C I P I T A T E  and save the supernatant  S O L U T I O N (!), neither shalt thou save the  P R E C I P I T A T E  and discard the supernatant  S O L U T I O N.  Thou shalt save them  B O T H.  Thou shalt preserve them until thou hast recovered a minimum of 120 percent of the original activity (thou shalt remember that crude extracts are filled with inhibitors). Only then thou shalt and thou must discard inactive fractions. For lo! even after two score years thou shalt not find any resurrection of enzyme activity. Thy fractions are still in the deep-freeze. Thou hast  F O R G O T T E N  to  L A B E L  them.