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RE: lewisuchus

I would agree that it might be a little premature to attempt a reconstruction until the new Lewisuchus material is described (at least I don't think the new description has been published yet).
However, if you still want to pursue this, the pes (foot) in the original description is apparently that of a proterochampsid. But I would assume the real Lewisuchus foot would be intermediate between that of Marasuchus and Eoraptor (for the purposes of general artwork, I doubt the feet of Lewisuchus, Marasuchus and Eoraptor would display any major differences).
--------Ken Kinman
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Could someone tell me where I could find a skeletal reconstruction of

I have seen the reconstruction of this thecodont in pred dinos of the world,
but it seems that the feet have somehow been "blotched-out."

Would appreciate any help.

Mark the illustrator

Well, I wouldn?t try a skeletal reconstruction of Lewisuchus. It is now
considered to be a Lagosuchid.

Genus: Lewisuchus ROMER, 1972
 = Pseudolagosuchus Arcucci, 1987
L. admixtus ROMER, 1972 (Type)
 = Pseudolagosuchus major Arcucci, 1987

Arcucci, A. B., 1998, New information about dinosaur precursors from the
Triassic Los Chanares Fauna, La Rioja, Argentina: In: Journal of African
Earth Sciences, v. 27, n. 1A July 1998, Special Abstracts Issue, Gondwana
10: Event Stratigraphy of Gondwana, p. 9-10.

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