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Re: Syntarsus feathers

I assume the "t-shaped neural arches" you're referring to are the expanded spine tables of the dorsal neural spines?<
Yeah, I think that's the technical name. Brain lapse...

If so, remember these are present in troodontids and dromaeosaurids as well, but not Ceratosaurus.<
But also present in phytosaurs and aetosaurs. How well developed are they in those two groups that you mentioned as opposed to known armour-bearing animals?

I would think with the many articulated Coelophysis specimens known we would have some articulated osteoderms if they were originally present, not just isolated elements occasionally preserved in some blocks.<
Preservation in the Ghost Ranch blocks is indeed fantastic; but, its no Yixan. See my webpage for a few pics from the block currently located at Ghost Ranch. Stuff gets squashed, and not everything is articulated or completely preserved. Furthermore, the items we are refering to are literally less than .25mm thick, so even with the great preservation at the Ghost Ranch quarry, the chance of preservation is still not 100%. It is important to remember that no concentration of fossils will ever preserve everything (i.e. rachis now known in _Sinornithosaurus_) all the time.

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"A _Coelophysis_ with feathers?"

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