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Re: Dinosaur Genera List corrections #176

> Szechuanoraptor dongi n. gen. et sp. for a skeleton previously referred to
> Szechuanosaurus campi;
> [...]
> The International Code
> of Zoological Nomenclature expressly excludes dissertations from their
> definition of a publication, so there is no question that the above taxa,
> despite their documentation in the dissertation and its subsequent
> distribution, are not available as scientific names.

In this case it's IMHO better that way, because Chure passed the opportunity
to _correct_ the spelling to Sichuan. Sz is Hungarian only for (voiceless)
s, and there is a difference between si and se in Chinese.

> Accordingly, I have set up a new category of dinosaur name, the nomen
> dissertatio, [...]
> Incidentally, my Latin is not good enough to permit me to settle on the
> designation nomen dissertatio. If someone can suggest a better or more
> appropriate term, then I'll change it by all means.

It isn't good to just put two nouns next to one another. Maybe nomen
dissertationis (name of...)? Nomen dissertatum (I have yet to dig out my
Latin dictionary to find whether this wouldn't have some totally different
meaning, respectively what dissertare means in the first place)? Nomen
defensum (when the dissertation has been successfully defended)? I don't
feel good at any of these (the latter might be confused with n.

> Also, what would the
> plural of nomen dissertatio be? Nomina --what?

Pl. of dissertatio is dissertationes. My other 3 suggestions would yield n.
dissertationis (of 1 dissertation) or n. dissertationum (of explicitely
several dissertations), n. dissertata and n. defensa, respectively.