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Re: Dinosaur Genera List corrections #176

George Olshevsky wrote-

> I recently received a copy of Dan Chure's dissertation on Allosaurus from
> University Microfilms International. In it he defines and diagnoses three
> taxa: Alashansaurus n. gen. for the species Chilantaisaurus maortuensis;
> Szechuanoraptor dongi n. gen. et sp. for a skeleton previously referred to
> Szechuanosaurus campi; and Allosaurus jimmadseni n.sp. for the marvelous
> Dinosaur National Monument skeleton that for a couple of years remained
> headless.

Must get dissertation.......
Just to be certain, is Allosaurus jimmadseni based on DINO 11541?
Where does Szechuanosaurus yandonensis fit in?  What is this species based

Mickey Mortimer