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Re: Dinosaur Genera List corrections #176

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<< Must get dissertation.......>>

There is a link to the UMI website from the Dinosaur Genera List: www.umi.com

<< Just to be certain, is Allosaurus jimmadseni based on DINO 11541?>>

You bet.

<< Where does Szechuanosaurus yandonensis fit in?  What is this species based 
on? >>

This species is a nomen nudum and Dan doesn't list it in his dissertation. 
But it might be based on the very skeleton that Dan makes the type of 
Szechuanoraptor dongi (cannot confirm this--my copy of Dong, Chang, Li & 
Zhou, 1978 with S. yandonensis is buried [it's the original Yangchuanosaurus 
paper]--and it may not be there anyway). Unfortunately, Dan refers the type 
specimen of Szechuanosaurus zigongensis Gao, 1993 to his new species 
Szechuanoraptor dongi, which would sink the species epithet dongi as a junior 
subjective synonym of zigongensis; the correct binomen for this species 
should be Szechuanoraptor zigongensis (with the type specimen of S. dongi as 
a referred specimen). Fortunately, the name in Dan's dissertation is not 
formally published, so perhaps the correct binomen will appear when it is.