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Re: Dinosaur Genera List corrections #176

> You're beginning to get a feel for the problem I have with the term nomen
> dissertatio. But in English a noun can modify another noun, as in the term
> "dissertation name," so why not in Latin...?

You should ask "so _why_ in Latin" 8-) . It works in Chinese, but even in
German it would give "Dissertationsname" -- that little s in the middle is
the genetive ending ( = 's), even though the genetive is otherwise dying in
German. "Nomen dissertatio" would imply that the name _is_ the dissertation,
as in "Tiberius imperator".

Anyway, the dig for the dictionary has been successful:

*dissero, -is, -ere, -ui, -tus* to talk something over, to discuss...
*dissertio, onis f.* discussion, conference...
*disserto, -as, -are, -avi, -atus* (frequentative of dissero, therefore the
infix -ta-) ~ discuss

That's everything it contains about that word family, dissertatio apparently
didn't exist in classic Latin (but its derivation is clear). So nomen
dissertatum (discussed name, implication: in a dissertation), derived from
the last of the above, is what I prefer of my previous 3 suggestions. But I
think nomen in dissertatione is even better.

P. S.: I understand you once emended *Aublysodon molnaris* Paul 1988 to *A.
molnari*? Doesn't matter much, now that it's all *T. rex*, but the -is
ending was totally correct, because Molnar ends in -ar like Caesar,
exemplar, calcar etc. which all have -is in the genitive; -i is their dative
ending. *A. molnari* must end as a misspelling/objective junior synonym.
"Redde Molnari quae sunt Molnaris" ;-)

(BTW, does anyone know what the original genetive ending Molnár gets in
Hungarian is? Just curious...)