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RE: Allosaurus jimmadseni

<<I missed the paper on this new species of Allosaurus.  Where was it found?
How old is it?>>

Well, since this was named in the dissertation, a paper officially
describing the specimen has yet to appear.  It is from the Salt Wash Member
of the Morrison Formation (Late Jurassic) of Dinosaur National Monument.
With that said, there have been several papers mentioning the specimen:

Chure, D.J. and Madsen J.H. 1996. On the presence of furculae in some
non-maniraptoran theropods. Journal of Vertebrate Paleontology 16(3):

Jones, Ramal and Daniel J. Chure. 2000. The recapitation of a Late Jurassic
theropod dinosaur: A successful application of radiological surveying for
locating subsurface fossilized bone. GAIA 15: 103-110

and on the taphonomy:

Hubert, J.H. and Chure D.J. 1992. Taphonomy of an Allosaurus quarry in the
deposits of a Late Jurassic braided river with a gravel-sand bedload, Salt
Wash Member of the Morrison Formation, Dinosaur National Monument, Utah, in
Wilson, J.R. (Ed.) Field Guide to Geologic Exusions in Utah and Adjacent
Areas of Nevada, Idaho, and Wyoming. Utah Geological Survey Miscellaneous
Publications 92-3: 375-381

Randall Irmis