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Re: Dinosaur Genera List corrections #176

> Not sure exactly why, but I understand this type of nominal compounding is
generally not possible in languages in which the adjective follows the noun.

It isn't possible in Russian either, where the adjective precedes the noun
if you don't explore the freedoms of poetry far enough. In languages with
too much declension it is not posssible to put 2 nouns next to one another,
and compounding, when possible, needs some sort of connection (all those -o-
in Greek). In English and Chinese where there is little respectively zero
declension putting isolated nouns in a row is easily possible, in the latter
even required.* Arabian seems to be similar: the famous book by Muhammad al
Khwarizmi** that started algebra is titled Al kitab al jabr wa'l muqabalah,
translated as "the book about calculating and equaling", sounds a lot like
being literally "the book the calculating and the equaling" IMHO.

* minzhu = people rule = the people's rule = democracy
**Khwarizm is the Arabic form of the name of the place where *Horezmavis* is

> I guess _nomen dissertatum_ is OK, but _nomen ex (or _in_) dissertatione_
or _nomen dissertationis_ would be more precise, indicating as they do that
the name is not merely one that has been discussed, but one that is found in
an actual dissertation.

Nomen in/ex dissertatione is certainly the best, but a bit long.