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Re: galloping indricotherium

On Sun, 4 Nov 2001, Ken Kinman wrote:

>     I'm sure it could gallop, like any other rhino.  And if a giraffe can
> gallop at 25 miles an hour, I bet Indricotherium could probably gallop that
> fast, if not faster.  But I guess it would only gallop that fast in
> emergencies, like trying to avoid a dangerous predator (especially a pack of
> hungry carnivores).

OOC, what kind of predator would take on an _Indricotherium_? (And isn't
_Paraceratherium_ the correct name?)

Perhaps a better question is, "Would an _Indricotherium/Paraceratherium_
*need* to gallop?" :)

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