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Re: Discussed name--good Latin over eye candy

Good Latin over eye candy
From: Ben Creisler bh480@scn.org

I have to put my vote in for "nomen ex/in dissertatione"--
either version of this phrase is grammatically OK, and 
accurately expresses the idea of a name derived from a 
dissertation. Buffetaut's suggested nomen dissertationis 
would mean "name of a dissertation" as far as I can 
determine, which is not what is needed--I'm at a loss as 
to how this combination is supposed to mean "discussed 
name," which would require an adjective or past participle 
in the neuter nominative case, not a singular genitive. In 
choosing a new Latin term, good grammar should win out 
over supposed aesthetic superiority. Does Buffetaut have a 
source to cite for this apparent oddity?  I would point 
out that the phrase "ex dissertatione" is widely used as 
in excerpta ex dissertatione "excerpts from a 
dissertation," etc. The phrase nomen dissertatum is less 
clear in meaning than nomen ex dissertatione, and 
conceivably could be read to mean a name under discussion 
or even a disputed name rather a name found in a