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Re: Allosaurus jimmadseni

From: "Chris Collinson" <chris_collinson@hotmail.com>

> How do the time ranges of the various Allosaurus sp. intersect and what
> characteristics separate A.jimmadseni from the other allosaurus sp. To me
> looks like a smaller(younger)version of "Big Al", closed jaw and all.

I've compared the skull of _A. jimmadseni_ and the one of a young allosaur
and I agree, it looks like a young animal: the snout is quite thin.
It appears to me that the lacrimal of _A. jimmadseni_ looks more rounded
(but the photo is small).
Could there be an intraspecific variation in the form of _Allosaurus_
lacrimal (let's say for example in A. fragilis)?

Friendly - Luc J. "Aspidel" BAILLY.