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RE: Rapator

> From: owner-dinosaur@usc.edu [mailto:owner-dinosaur@usc.edu]On Behalf Of
> David Marjanovic
> > HOW!!! could someone tell me on which evidence Rapator ornitholestoides
> was
> > reconstructed with a Mononykus-like forelimbs?
> Apparently it is an alvarezsaurid:
> http://www.cmnh.org/fun/dinosaur-archive/2000Mar/msg00555.html
> http://www.cmnh.org/fun/dinosaur-archive/2000Mar/msg00563.html
> http://www.cmnh.org/fun/dinosaur-archive/2000Mar/msg00592.html

Hey, let us all be clear on this:
Rapator has NOT been demonstrated to be an alvarezsaurid.  However, there is
some *preliminary* evidence suggesting such a placement.

> However, I'm sure 2 other fingers should be visible as in *Shuvuuia*, and
> the ornithomimid-like beak is complete speculation -- neither *Mononykus*
> nor *Shuvuuia* had this feature.

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