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"So You Want to Dig Dinosaurs?..."

Hello everyone,
I wanted to pass this along to everybody here on the list. It's from a friend of mine, Walter W. Stein,  noted geologist, field paleontologist and all around great guy. Should be quite interesting for all paleo-fans. I'll have more info on this book on my website later this week. Thanks.
Todd Marshall
To whom it may concern,
 I am writing to you to announce the publication of a new book about dinosaurs and paleontology, entitled “So You Want to Dig Dinosaurs? A Field Manual on the Practice, Principles, and Politics of Vertebrate Paleontology“, published by Dragons Claw Press 2001, and written by noted geologist and field paleontologist Walter W. Stein.  This new work combines the romance and adventure of creative non-fiction, with the usefulness and detail of a college text book. The first edition manual consists of over 260 pages of text, photographs, tables, illustrations, and appendices and is designed to teach introductory students (junior high school through senior level in college), dinosaur enthusiasts, collectors, and amateurs, the basic tools they need to work with dinosaur fossils. It outlines the story of one field season of collecting and includes detailed information on the discovery of a new, never before published, North American Oviraptor. It outlines proper field collecting methods, mapping techniques, geological interpretations, dinosaur theory, paleo-politics, advice for students on schools and coursework, preparation techniques, and much, much more. With a foreword by Neal L. Larson, (of Black Hills Institute Fame) one of the top minds in paleontology, and illustrations by some  wonderful, up-and-coming paleo-illustrators (Scott Harman, Russell Hawley, Todd Marshall), readers will be immersed in the wonderful world of ancient earth history. Easy to read, and understand, but more detailed then any common picture book on dinosaurs, this work will be used over and over by its students. Anyone who has ever thought dinosaurs were “cool”, will love this book.
Industry Specifications:
size: 8.5 x 11
binding: plastic comb
cover: full color laminated
back cover: full color laminated
Pages: Front matter- 16   Text- 160  Photo inserts- 25  Illustrations/tables- 25  Appendices- 57
ISBN Number: Pending (November 10th, 2001)
Library of Congress Number: Pending
Scheduled Release Date: tentatively November 24th
Suggested Retail: *$59.99 - $69.99 with 10 full color photo-inserts/illustrations
  $44.99 with black and white throughout
Wholesale Costs: *$36.00 color for 1-5 copies ordered/ $32.00 color for greater then 6 copies ordered
  $28.00 B/W for 1-5 copies ordered/ $22.00 B/W for greater then 6 copies ordered
 *prices subject to change... please include $1.50 shipping and handling per book ordered.
Target Audiences: Junior High - College Senior level, dinosaur enthusiasts, amateurs, commercial collectors,  preparators, field technicians, professionals, museum scientists, and interested readers.
Target Sales Outlets: Museums, regional bookstores, tourist attractions, libraries, direct mail sales, web sales, etc.
For more information, interviews, review copies, etc. please  e-mail the author directly at:
stein151@earthlink.net or phone: 719-228-9376
TO ORDER COPIES: Please send check or money order for $59.99 (for retail autographed color copies) to:
Dragons Claw Press
C/O So You Want To Dig Dinosaurs
PO Box 5557
Woodland Park CO 80863