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Re: Allosaurus jimmadseni

aspidel wrote:

> I've compared the skull of _A. jimmadseni_ and the
> one of a young allosaur
> and I agree, it looks like a young animal: the snout
> is quite thin.
> It appears to me that the lacrimal of _A.
> jimmadseni_ looks more rounded
> (but the photo is small).
> Could there be an intraspecific variation in the
> form of _Allosaurus_
> lacrimal (let's say for example in A. fragilis)?

Dinosaurweb has a short discussion on _Allosaurus_
that focuses mainly on the morphology of the lacrimal.
Can we assign subspecies in dino paleontology? It's
not like we can confidently tell if a new taxon
represents a sexually isolated species, so why not
name it _Allosaurus atrox jimmadseni_? Or just start
calling them _Allosaurus atrox_ morph 1, 2, 3,
4....you get the idea.

Waylon Rowley


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