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Re: galloping indricotherium

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Sent: Monday, November 05, 2001 1:30 AM

> Can elephants gallop?


> Surely that would be a closer comparison, given how
> much larger Indricotherium was than most rhinos.

No. Size doesn't matter except for Godzilla, anatomy does. *Paraceratherium*
or whatever its name had permanently bent elbows and knees and flexible
ankles, like any other rhino and unlike elephants. In the same way we can
tell that *Triceratops* could gallop (ignoring the forelimb stance issue
here, but that seems to be solved anyway) while *Stegosaurus* and the
sauropods couldn't, and even that all nonavian theropods could run (probably
including therizinosaurids).

> I don't know
> of anything that could have preyed on them routinely (at least, not on
> healthy adults).

Saber-toothed cats (true ones, false ones, whatever)? *Nimravus*, for