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Re: Discussed name--good Latin over eye candy

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From: <Dinogeorge@aol.com>

> It is
> odd that a language as compact as Latin presents so much trouble with a
> direct translation of the English term "dissertation name."

Whether that's odd depends on whether you call Chinese compact... :-)

> [...] it is no stretch to consider it a shorthand expression
> for "name in a dissertation."

It is IMHO a stretch to consider "dissertation's name" as shorthand for
"name in a dissertation".

> Why would there be no two-word Latin
> equivalent?
So you need a locative! But only cities, villages, small islands, "home"
(domus) and "countryside" (rus) have a locative, all other words need in +

> That is, why couldn't nomen dissertationis be parsed as
> "dissertation name"?

It can, but only when by "dissertation name" you mean the title of the
dissertation. Someone reading nomen dissertationis in your list would think
"short title for a dissertation, just '*Allosaurus jimmadseni* sp. nov.', or
what is going on here?"