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Re: IAC proceedings

> I looking to buy a copy of "The beginnings of birds: proceedings of the
> International Archaeopteryx Conference, Eichstatt, 1984" but don't seem to
> be able to find one through the usual sources (Amazon, half.com, etc).

Probably that's no help, but maybe it's enough when you look for Eichstätt
instead of inexistent Eichstatt? (Two dots on the a if your e-mail reader is
one of those...) Maybe you have to replace the ä by ae in an Internet
search, but surely not by a.

While I am at it, does someone know whether Ordos, the place in Inner
Mongolia where China's Yellow River makes its U-shaped deviation to the
north and where *Wuerhosaurus ordosensis* is from, is really actually called
Ördös, as I recently read it?