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New Book

       Just want to let you know about a beautiful new book, _Aquagenesis: 
The Origin and Evolution of Life in the Sea_ by author/artist Richard Ellis. 
Ellis has a gift for this sort of project as you may know if you have seen 
his _The Book of Sharks_or _The Search for the Giant Squid_or his many other 
books and articles. This one is very reminiscent of the collaborations 
between Richard Carrington and the great artist Maurice Wilson back in the 
50's (for you older types), only here Ellis is both author and illustrator. 
His black and white drawings are very fine. The emphasis here is on 
cephalopods, sharks, and sea mammals mainly. All sorts of good gossip and an 
excellent bibliography. This one is a treat and is available in bookstores 
now. Honest. DV