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RE: IAC proceedings

Well, when I visited the Bergermeister Muller Museum in the Solnhofen town
hall this summer, I picked up a new, wrapped copy for 10 DM (a little less
than $5).  Don't know how you could contact them though.

Randall Irmis

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Hi folks,

I looking to buy a copy of "The beginnings of birds: proceedings of the
International Archaeopteryx Conference, Eichstatt, 1984" but don't seem to
be able to find one through the usual sources (Amazon, half.com, etc).  It
was published in 1985 by the Freunde des Jura-Museums in Eichstatt.  Does
anyone have a copy they are willing to sell or know where I might be able to
buy one? Thanks in advance....


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