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You'll easy see the feather structure on
(LOL: I'll have to re-draw my Yixian dromaeosaur...)
Friendly - LJB.

From: <darren.naish@port.ac.uk>

> As some of you are aware, there are rumours floating around that, at 
> SVP Bozeman, Larry Martin did identify the apparent remiges of the 
> new AMNH Yixian dromaeosaur as, well, remiges. I recently read the 
> transcribed text from the roundtable discussions reproduced in the 
> special avian palaeontology volume (vol. 89) of  _Smithsonian 
> Contributions to Paleobiology_. In it Martin states that he now feels 
> there is some support for what he calls the 'Paulian' view of theropod-
> bird evolution. Note that the term 'Paulian' is now is print. Martin 
> notes that the Paulian view would be well supported _if_ a Cretaceous 
> maniraptoran with elongate remiges were to be found. Thus the burden 
> is on the AMNH crew (plus Zhonghe Zhou et al of course) to 
> definitively demonstrate the presence of prominent remiges in a Yixian 
> specimen (ok, you might argue that they've already done this, but it 
> needs to be unarguable).