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Re: A.jimmadseni

On Tue, 6 Nov 2001, Chris Collinson wrote:
> Is there any possibility that any of the material originally assigned to 
> A.fragilis,
> but is of the A.atrox morph, will be reassigned to A.jimmadseni?
> And on a sidenote, a while back i found some excelent pictures of A.jimmadseni
> (though i didn't know they were at the time). They are of the actual fossil, 
> not the
> cast, and they're biger, at least the one of the skull is. Any way, if you 
> would like
> a peak at the goodies,
> Go here:
> http://www.dinopress.com/vol2/vol2_E/vol2_P1_e.html#_01

The text sez

 In the plaster jackets lay the most complete and best
 articulated skeleton ever found of the carnivore Allosaurus. 

How does it compare to the Big Al specimen?