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Mesozoic landscaping

(Posted for Nathan Myhrvold, who is not currently subscribed.)

I'm building a new house, and for the landscaping I want to use Mesozoic plants 
- plants dinosaurs would have had under foot, or the closest living relatives I 
can find.  Since I live in Seattle, the plants need to tolerate frost and 
occasional snow - the area is climate zone 8.  Another requirement is that the 
plant be available - ideally from nurseries.

I am looking for recommendations of plants to use. 

So far, I have spent the most time looking for trees, and I have a fair number 
(see below).  Tree ferns are an important part of the Mesozoic flora that is 
under represented in modern North America temperate flora.  Fortunately there 
are tree ferns from Tasmania, New Zealand and South Africa that are cold 
adapted.   Cycads are a similar challenge - most are tropical, but there are a 
number that cold tolerant enough for my area.

I have spent less time on smaller plants.  Obviously, there are many small 
ferns available, so I don't need help finding these.  I don't have any good 
examples so far of primitive angiosperms - i.e. the first flowering plants.

I would appreciate any comments, or recommendations of other Mesozoic related 
plants.  I am most interested in plants for which there is a strong fossil 
evidence, ideally in association with dinosaurs.

Here are plants that I have already identifed: 

Cercidiphyllum japonicum        Katsura 
Araucaria araucana              Monkey Puzzle 
Ginkgo biloba                   Gingkgo 
Metasequoia glyptostroboides    Dawn Redwood 
Cryptomeria Japonica            Japanese Cryptomeria 

Tree Ferns 
Dicksonia antarctica            Tasmanian Tree Fern 
Cyathea dregei                  South African Tree Fern 
Cyathea medullaris              Black Tree Fern 
Cyathea dealbata                NZ National Plant 
Dicksonia squarrosa             Wheki 
Dicksonia fibrosa               Golden Tree Fern 

Macrozamia moorei               Moore's Cycad 
Cycas revoluta                  Sago "Palm", King Sago 
Cycas tiatungensis              Prince Sago, Emperor Sago 
Dioon edule                     Virgin's Palm (cycad) 
Dioon spinulosum                Giant Dioon 
Encephalartos sp                South African Cycads 

Equisetum sp                    Horsetails 

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