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Re: Quetzalcoatlus

From: "Raymond Ancog" <rayancog@pacific.net.ph>
> And while we're on the subject of pterosaur websites, I will take time out
> to update mine. To that end, I will add a page listing musuems that have
> pterosaur reconstructions. So to one and all, if you know of such a museum,
> kindly e-mail the URL along with the geographical location. I've already
> visited the Los Angeles Natural History Musuem website.
As I still told on list, I strongly suggest you to link your website with
You'll find there beautiful photos of _Pterodactylus_ and _Rhamphorhynchus_ from Sonhofen, Germany.
Some DML members have maybe adresses of german museums which show those fossils.

> Dave, if you're reading this, I sure would like to mirror the info that you
> have, with all to reference to you as the original author, of course.
BTW... Is there a solution for a "come-back" of Dave Peters' site?
Friendly - Luc J. "Aspidel" BAILLY.

> Ravin' Ray
> your friendly neighborhood paleontologist