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darren.naish@port.ac.uk wrote:

> As some of you are aware, there are rumours floating around that, at
> SVP Bozeman, Larry Martin did identify the apparent remiges of the
> new AMNH Yixian dromaeosaur as, well, remiges. I recently read the
> transcribed text from the roundtable discussions reproduced in the
> special avian palaeontology volume (vol. 89) of  _Smithsonian
> Contributions to Paleobiology_. In it Martin states that he now feels
> there is some support for what he calls the 'Paulian' view of theropod-
> bird evolution. Note that the term 'Paulian' is now is print. Martin
> notes that the Paulian view would be well supported _if_ a Cretaceous
> maniraptoran with elongate remiges were to be found. Thus the burden
> is on the AMNH crew (plus Zhonghe Zhou et al of course) to
> definitively demonstrate the presence of prominent remiges in a Yixian
> specimen (ok, you might argue that they've already done this, but it
> needs to be unarguable).

There will be some substantiation of this 'miraculous' rumour (in fact,
gossip) in my brief review of the SVP meeting in the next Dinopress issue.
So look forward to that.

David Marjanovic wrote:

> > You'll easy see the feather structure on
> > http://research.amnh.org/vertpaleo/f17.html
> It's almost as clear as on the Berlin specimen of *Archaeopteryx*. Did
> Martin have a magnifying glass? :-)

No need for that... the wall-size pristine slide projections from Mark
Norell were clear enough.

Luis Rey

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