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Re: Quetzalcoatlus

To the best of my knowledge, there are no accurate skeletal diagrams of either
Q species or Q northropi on the web. Nor accurate tables of long bone articular

lengths for either.  Matt Smith's anisometric full-scale Q northropi 'replicas'

are fairly close, except that the skull is far too gracile, being an isometric
scale-up of Q species.  Matt's Qn skull should be both taller and wider for its

present length, which is 2.06 times the length of the Qsp skull.  The femur and

tibia lengths were blown up by a factor of 2.27 or 2.28 from Qsp.
Circumferences are anisometric, as they should be.  The femur vs. tibia length
ratios were kept the same as Qsp deliberately, in order to avoid placing a
false impression in anyone's mind about anisometric morphing in Qn.  The pes is

based more on Pteranodon than Qsp particularly in the relative lengths of the
tarsals and phalanges.   The torso was increased in width from Qsp by a factor
of 2.06 and width by 2.14.  I don't remember the torso height ratio off the top

of my head.  John Sibbick's drawings of Q species in the June 2001 issue of
National Geographic are the most current that have been published for Qsp, but
the hind limbs are not in cruise flight position, and in the vicinity of the
elbow,  the trailing edge of the wing should be further forward, about 40-50%
of the length of the humerus behind the elbow.  Note the low, aft position of
the eye in the skull and the shape of the front of the crest vs. most earlier
depictions of Qsp.  The rear of the crest isn't known, with the exception that
enough edges are preserved to know that it is rather small.  Also note the
shape of the mandibles vs. the many wrong Quetz illustrations that have the
inadvertent chisel-shaped Tapejarid beak.  Some of the relative lengths in the
illustration were deliberately distorted somewhat to fit the NG page format,
which I think was a good decision.  There's also a pretty good photo of the TMM

mount of Matt's skeletal sculpture about page 104 or 105 in the National
Geographic issue.


Allan Smith wrote:

> Can anyone point me to a good site that has information on
> Quetzalcoatlus, I am especially looking for skeletal diagrams. Thanks in
> advance.
> Allan D. Smith