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RE: A.jimmadseni

At 08:28 AM 11/6/2001, you wrote:
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> Is there any possibility that any of the material originally assigned to A.fragilis, but is of the A.atrox morph, will be
> reassigned to A.jimmadseni?
Let's just WAIT UNTIL THE PAPER (monograph in this case) IS PUBLISHED, SHALL WE?

Does this mean that I should hold off on buying a copy of the dissertation?  Is there a chance of it being published soon?  I don't know if I am being impatient or curious.  I would really like to see more about the new allosaur. I remember reading about it being found (sans head) in the Dino Times.  Even then it was touted as being a very important specimen.

I think much of the fascination is because so many of us are out of "the loop".  We hear little reports and it makes us curious.  I know that scientists talk about the specimens they have, what they mean, how they are new, etc. in the pub when they get together.  Unfortunately for us on the list, this is our equivalent to doing that.  Conversations in the pub don't go any further than that because the parties involved understand how it works.  Because of our archive, we don't have that same ability.  I have been "waiting for the paper" on a great many things for a long time now.  It is frustrating to do this.  I only have sneak peeks at information and even though new information is "well known" (as can be seen in informal reports ie. Gorgosaurus and Albertosaurus are distinct, shown by information that Phil Currie has from a specimen from 1981, but we still await a paper on the topic), I still have to wait for publications for this "accepted" (mostly) information.  I do understand and respect the process.  I am willing, if not happy, to wait for good science to be done. I just find it frustrating.  But I am happy...... Really..... I have learned to love waiting......

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