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Re: Some Tiatanosaur skulls!!!!

On Wed, 7 Nov 2001, Chris Collinson wrote:

> I found these while wandering aimlessly through the net, enjoy!
> The Chubut Titanosaur:
> http://webs.sinectis.com.ar/dinomartinez/galeria.html
> - when you get there click on the first circle in the sauropod section
> Gondwanatitan, this one looks a little questionalble, and is probably just  
> a sculpture. The page is in spanish, maybe portugese?, and i can't read it 
> to see wheather it says something about it not being real or not. Any way, 
> it looks realy funny with such a perfectly straight ventral margin:
> http://br.geocities.com/avph0/gondwanatitan.htm


This magnificent animal was legitimate saurspode Brazilian. Nicknamed
" titc ", the Gondwanatitan received this name due it to have lived in the
cretaceo continent Gondwana (that at the time it sheltered India and all
the continents of the south hemisphere). 

The Gondwanatitan had 8 meters of size and 2 meters of height. Different
of the others saurspodes that they have the bending tibia for inside of
the leg, atmbia of the Gondwanatitan was almost total straight line. It
had a dragged floor and if it dislocated in great herds, treading paths to
the side of lakes, quagmires and valleys of rivers, very common in the
central region of cretaceo Brazil. 

Data of the Dinossauro: 
Name: Gondwanatitan, the " Titc " of Gondwana 
Scientific Name: Gondwanatitan faustoi 
Time where It lived: Cretaceo, for rollback of 80 million years behind 
Weight: About 10 tons 
Size: 2 meters of height and 8 of size 
Feed: Herbmvora