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Danvarner@aol.com wrote:

> In a message dated 11/6/01 3:51:05 PM Pacific Standard Time,
> luisrey@ndirect.co.uk writes:
> << There will be some substantiation of this 'miraculous' rumour (in fact,
> gossip) in my brief review of the SVP meeting in the next Dinopress issue.
> So look forward to that. >>
>        For the life of me, I do not understand the fascination over what
> Larry Martin's opinion should be about this question. Why should I or, for
> that matter, anyone care? Let's take the information at hand and move on. I
> thought we were way ahead of this kind of crap. Signed, Uncle Grump. PS I had
> to clean up a lot of language for this! I better take a pill.

Well, I think you better take a pill indeed... watching too many news programs
on TV lately?
The matter was far important for several top paleontologists at this SVP meeting
than for me, so I'm just passing it on... after all I wasn't the one trying to
hang a Deinonychus toy from a toy tree as a ''demonstration'' that dinosaurs
couldn't be  related to birds in a famous TV series that is still shown
regularly  in these shores (that was Larry Martin on "Jurassica").
Changing the opinion from someone like that is indeed a miracle.  And if you add
that the guy is a famous and  very respectable paleontologist that  was
originally called together with Ostrom, Currie et al to examine and reach an
'official'  conclusion about Sinosauropteryx feathers and has been
systematically voicing in public (and in every possible communication medium)
his opposition to the dino bird link (and still is)... well it's indeed
newsworthy that he >may< be thinking in changing opinion.

Besides, I (personally) like him... and I just could be celebrating his u-turn.
Any more objections?

Luis Rey

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