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Aussie therizinosaurids?

Forwarded with permission. You can see the diagram at:


>Fam Jansma wrote:

Something about those freaky Therizinosaurids: I recently bought a book
about Australian dinosaurs from Long and there was a picture of a
humerus in it. It was found in sediments of the Late Maastrichtian and
has a technical description with it: "showing the outline of the
deltopectoral crest, and has a slender, rapidly tapering shaft". The
discription looked familiar to me, so I looked it up in the Complete
Dinosaur in the
chapter of Therizinosaurs. It said that a characteristic of
Therizinosaurs is a large, bony crest on the humerus, the deltopectoral
crest. Clue 1 I had a
Therizino, clue 2 came from the Dinosauria when I compared the picture
to the humerus drawn of Erlikosaurus. Almost the same! And with Kakuru
being a Avimimid, it's not a crazy thing to think that maybe a
Therizinosaurid also crossed to Australia. So possibly, this is an
Therinosaur and based on relative proportions between the humerus of
Erlikosaurus and this beast, it was 1,5 times as big as that beast. Not
you want to come across in a dark alley! Australia becomes even more
interesting with this discovery, I hope, with [Ozraptor] being a
possible ancestor to
the the raptors, the giant Alvarzsaurid Rapator, the Euhelopid
Rhoetosaurus, the Titanosaurian "Hughenden Brachiosaurid" (could the new
skeleton be of this critter?) and Austrosaurus, a possible EK
ceratopsian and stegosaurian footprints.

I will send with this mail a picture I've drawn of the specimen,
compared to the humerus of Erlikosaurus. Hopefully you can use this


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