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DanVarner@aol.com  wrote:

     "For the life of me, I do not understand the fascination over what
Larry Martin's opinion should be about this question. Why should I or, for
that matter, anyone care? Let's take the information at hand and move on. I
thought we were way ahead of this kind of crap. Signed, Uncle Grump. PS I
had to clean up a lot of language for this! I better take a pill."

Dear "Uncle Grump,"
    Larry Martin is a well respected scientist. His reputation rests
securely on his work with mammals. He has turned out many graduate students
who, despite his stand on the bird-dino thing, regard him fondly as a very
supportive graduate advisor. Of all the "Feducciaries" he is the one most of
us would like too have "see the light." He is really a very good person.
    ...   Dick Peirce,  Grand Junction CO