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Romanian dinosaurs update

Dr. Paul Dica from Cluj just gave a talk in the Natural History Museum here
about his work on Transsylvanian dinosaurs. I didn't notice that he didn't
mention the new giant azhdarchid.
        From the Maastrichtian there is now more material of *Rhabdodon
priscus*; a (part of a?) hadrosaur nesting colony -- known to be of
hadrosaurs, presumably *Telmatosaurus* which is the only one known from
there, because of an embryo; not to mention sauropod nests, line-shaped like
those in Aix-en-Provence in France; articulated material of *Magyarosaurus*,
and I didn't understand what he said about a desired or real skull of it --
believe it or not, I forgot to ask :.-( ; 2 multituberculate jaws, the first
ones from (at least Mesozoic?) Europe; and a "primitive crocodile" called
something like *Allotoposuchus*, 4 m long, with a rather short, broad,
rounded snout. The place is becoming more and more interesting.
        The Early Cretaceous site is a mine that will be closed soon (a
bauxite mine in Bihor IIRC).
        I wrote "his work"; this is apparently not much of an exaggeration,
because Romania is a poor country; his preparation lab makes a rather
desperate impression.