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Re: Tr-J

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From: KELL00BELL@aol.com

>> [...] the probable ornithiscian Trisauropodiscus is known from the
Stromberg Triassic and the early Jurassic of the SW US.<<

Triassic, too?

>> That [...] suggests dinosaur diversity may have been higher in the Late
Triassic than is generally thought,

I don't understand what you mean; several LTr NA ornithischian tooth taxa
are known, plus what (if anything) has been left of *Technosaurus*.

>>or global migration occurred around the Tr-J boundary.<<

Hard to prevent in Pangaea...

>>Does Trisauropodiscus occur throughout the Stromberg Triassic, or only
near the Tr-J?<<

I used to think the Stormberg series is EJ only? (Disclaimer -- this is not
a rhethorical question. Never take my word on stratigraphy, I read
practically no primary literature on that.) And isn't it written -or- rather
than -ro-, or is that something different?