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Re: Tr-J

the probable ornithiscian Trisauropodiscus is known from the Stromberg Triassic and the early Jurassic of the SW US.<
Did I miss this original post?
Anywho, can anyone give a ref for this?

I don't understand what you mean; several LTr NA ornithischian tooth taxa are known, plus what (if anything) has been left of *Technosaurus*.<
And, in terms of herbivore diversity, don't forget the prosauropod tracks...something had to make them, even if we don't have the body fossils.

or global migration occurred around the Tr-J boundary.<<
Hard to prevent in Pangaea...<
Are any ceratosaurs known from SA? I recall someone (Hunt? Lucas?) suggesting that there was seperation N/S in terms of at least theropods, with the northern areas (Nova Scotia, etc.) being dominated by ceratosaurs, centeral areas (SW US) having a mix of ceratosaurs and herrerasaurs, and SA having only herrerasaurs...not sure if we have a large enough sample size to say this with any confidence...

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